Kit Pedagògic PIM PAM ( to help make the dreams of those who want to dream ).

Anskari, clown and creator of TSR offers a teaching kit to explain their personal experience over more than 12 years of walking through the world collecting dreams and smiles of many children living in situations of risk (war, famine and disease) TSR proposes an educational tool and sensitizer to publicize other realities and to work our perception of such basic and important values such as freedom, solidarity, friendship and happiness. Anskari has collected for you the drawings of their dreams and also many pictures that help you understand how to survive in abject poverty, learning in a school of mud in the desert or try to be happy living a war or in a field Refugees. After seeing the projections and discuss them together, we will play and learn to draw our dreams. We will make an exchange with dreams that the clown is picking up around the world. We want to create a bridge and a solidarity ties between children and youth of the world; with the aim to share and learn to live happy. THEY ARE TODAY OUR TOMORROW Our children will learn to play the value of education and discover the way to a better world. Pedagogic Kit PIM PAM has a cost of 42 euros and 1 hour and include : Clown -Actuación your Dreams Workshop. -Projection photos of his travels around the world. – Drawings of the dreams of children living in orphanages, refugee camps and schools in countries where there are wars, famine and disease. You can request information about our services: Email:   web:    NGOs Our project-dream has the support and advice of organizations and individuals who believe that another world is possible and struggle every day to realize their dreams.